Authentic You Women's Workshops

Discover what gives your life meaning...

Harmony Farm Rice Lake Presents:

Our July 9, 2021 Special. One day of relaxation, laughter and joy. Eight hours of the best of the best!

We still have a few spots available.
Please pay ASAP so as not to miss out!

You can Go to Our Website to pay

Harmony Farm Rice Lake Special - Introduction to Authentic You Women's Yoga Spa Day

We will send you your receipt and brochure. Closer to the date we will send more information on safety measures, clothing, sun protection since all of this is outdoors to keep everyone safe and anything you may need to bring with you.

Can't wait to see you all for this fabulous day of amazing people.

Harmony Farm Rice Lake Authentic You Women's Spa Day

Harmony Farm Rice Lake Miniature Horses

Introduction to Authentic You Women's Workshops and Yoga Spa Day

We are super excited about our new authentic you women's yoga spa day just for women!

Are you in need of an authentic you women's yoga spa day? Absolutely!

July 9, 2021

What You'll get!

We're offering? An amazing day of spoiling, relaxation and laughter.

Authentic You Women's Yoga Spa Day miniature horse to learn your Personal Development through a sample of our an Authentic You programs. We will be offering Authentic You Weekend Retreats later.

Yoga with a view you will love and dream about.

Delicious local food and drink at our local vineyard with charcuterie. You'll love the covered outdoor patio.

Visit Walton Wood Farm for a tour and history. They're producers of natural self-sustainable beauty products. Sooth your dry skin or soak at home in a revitalizing bath plus they offer so much more. Just hearing about what they do is super interesting too! Plus you'll receive a free gift.


Your morning will consist of snacks and refreshments with a fun Personality Communication Quiz. Learn the concept of working with miniature horses in beneficial programs to improve how you feel. Meet and greet your miniature horse (your partner later in the afternoon). Enjoy bonding through grooming and touch.

After a break we'll drive or walk up the hill to our outdoor area of dojo mats where you'll enjoy a gorgeous vista of Rice Lake. (If it rains you'll be under cover for your yoga session). Meet Jaime you're Yoga teacher and enjoy an hour of fabulous movements to limber your body and make you feel marvellous. I call Jaime our “angel” and you'll find out why when you go through your session. It's like being in heaven spending an hour with her. You'll receive bottled water for your class.


Lunch is at Rolling Grape Vineyard where you'll enjoy either a glass of cider or wine with your charcuterie lunch on the covered patio. Delight in the beautiful view of grapes and rolling hillside.

After lunch you'll go to Walton Wood Farm for a tour and history with delightful Leslie. Don't be afraid to ask Leslie about her experience on Dragons Den where she received backing for her business. She is fun to talk to, her property and restored barn are gorgeous!

On your return we'll break for snacks and refreshments before bringing out your miniature horses for your Authentic You session. Our minis love it and you will too!

We'll debrief and enjoy more refreshments before we say our farewells.


You'll recieve a free gift from Walton Wood Farm, an Authentic You Journal with positive information to extend your energy for days to come.


There will be a door prize of a mystery box of wonderful products from Walton Wood Farm. I had one and was absolutely thrilled at what was inside. Everything to pamper yourself even more!

Introductory Price - Which we'll keep for the whole Summer!

ONLY $150.00

For one authentic you women's yoga spa day of paradise!

Skills Development Facilitators - Krystyna and Lisa

Yoga at Harmony Farm Rice Lake will be gentle and relaxing

Rolling Grape Vineyards offers wine and cider

Wine, cider and charcuterie at Rolling Grape Farm

Walton Wood Farm - healthy products

Walton Wood Farm bringing a renaissance to Bailieboro

Great Products made on the Farm

Hugging a mini is the highlight of my day. ❤️

Visitations: Not part of the Authentic You Women's Yoga Spa Day

Harmony Farm Rice Lake is happy to present our FREE meet and greet with our Authentic You Miniature Horses.

Just because we all need a furry cuddle now and then.

Visit and spend 30 minutes with our minis, no charge. Just enjoy them! ❤️

Meet and Greet with our Authentic You Miniature Horses

There's no better stress release than grooming and chatting with your own rescue miniature horse. Make a new friend! Message to book an appointment and visit us at NO CHARGE!

Without you, these things wouldn't happen. You're the most important!


Fabulous! 2019 Authentic You was a big hit!

Authentic You Women's Workshops

Why women benefit from Authentic You.

Authentic You!

Our exciting Authentic You especially made for women

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Why you?

Authentic Women's Workshops are specially made for you!

Want to live in the moment?

Contact us now about our women's workshops and work towards a connective flow between your head and your heart. Achieve balance!

Why Authentic You Workshops?

 BE TRUE. BE AUTHENTIC. BE YOU. As women, some of us are constantly in fear of being judged. Horses are incapable of judgment. What a unique thought; to go to a place where judgment does not exist, and we can just be ourselves! They don't care about our clothes, our weight, our spiritual or political beliefs, or where we’ve come from. They just care about helping you to be the best version of YOU that you can be. You are unique! No BS workshops.

Take back your power

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.      

Alice Walker



Find serenity within yourself, love you and the now.

If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.

Oprah Winfrey

What Authentic You Women's Workshops do for You!

Find authenticity, hope, strength, love, insight, motivation, joy, laughter and more!

Where did my creativity go?

Why do they think they're right? They're them not me!

How do you really feel about yourself?

You know what you can achieve but others make you wonder. Don't let others knock you down or hold you back. In reality you can live the way you want. I'll let you into a secret. Do you know the number one thing that helps people thrive?

It's support!

You've heard the term find your tribe...we will help you. We can help guide you and you know what else? We are always here for you. Whenever you need us. We will always have something we can offer you to keep you motivated and focussed.

We're all about helping people have better lives and we do that by being a constant that you can rely on. We are your tribe!



It's the challenges in life that make us who we are.  At ‘Authentic You’ they are FUN and help you guide yourself. Your solutions are ones that we all use in life. Be more confident, be happier, be the best of YOU!

Do you feel you're the odd one out?

“Hello! Is anyone listening to me?”



As the Beatles said ”All we need is love”. How very true! it isn't enough just giving out love to everyone else, we need to give love to ourselves. Women nurture, provide, listen, rescue, we give and give!

The one thing we tend not to do is give to ourselves. Allow ourselves to be flawed, allow ourselves time or allow ourselves to be selfish. Yes, we have to be selfish. We have to say no! This is our time. We have to do something that fills our heart, never mind filling everyone elses. It isn't too much is it really?

Know it is guilt that holds us back. Why do we feel guilt? For thousands of years we have been the pillar of love, strength and direction for our children and believed they were to be our everything.

We know now things are not the same. We have become earners, bosses, organizers for other people too. However, at a cellular level we still have this guilt crop up. Your loved ones will survive without you. It is an inherent part of living, it is in our makeup to survive. Also, we're not talking 6 months or a year on sabbatical from everyone. We're talking much less than that.

So why won't we take time? Because there is always something that has to be done and for some reason we feel it has to be us. No, it doesn't and really is that thing you must do more important than you? You'd better be saying No! We're talking an hour in a day, or even just a few hours or a day, maybe even two days. How tiny an amount they are in comparison to the years behind us!

Live in the moment for that time and realise how much better you feel for it.


How can you better balance your life?